These lessons are a verse-by-verse Bible devotional commentary on the book of Revelation. The Revelation of Jesus Christ comes from God the Father; it was given to Jesus Christ who gives it to His angel to show to John to show to the Spirit and then finally to reveal to the churches. Truly, there is more to be learned in this book about Jesus than in the Gospel accounts. It is God's Son, Jesus Christ, the One coming world leader who will ultimately reign and rule upon this earth one day. Get ready to see Jesus .  .  .


God is introducing the trumpet judgments. However, before everything becomes silent, there is this incredibly quiet moment in heaven of some 30 minutes. What is going to happen?


The revelation given here was seen in type on the earth through the Old Testament Tabernacle which was a place of prayer where offerings were made. This helps us understand what is happening.


These verses speak about the first trumpet judgment and reminds us of what came in the days of Moses. We will also learn there are three different kinds of tribulation we can experience.


Judgements continue to be sounded out. The second and third trumpet sound. The star Wormwood teaches us a lot about what God has done and wants to do in our lives.


The text reveals God's judgments upon nature. We will also learn the difference between prophetic revelation, interpretative revelation, and speculative revelation.


In our lesson today, we will gain a sense of where we are in this volume of Revelation. The story of the book of Revelation is God giving His inheritance to His people. The attitude is hope.


In these verses, we see a star and the abyss ("bottomless pit"). An understanding of this star and what this pit is all about will serve as a key to understanding the battle between .  .  .


In these verses we continue to look at the 5th trumpet judgment. We will also learn that God has three purposes for this future Tribulation: #1 To unmask Satan, #2 To .  .


Before the sounding of this trumpet, John hears a voice described as coming from the 4 horns of the golden altar. We will remind ourselves of 3 things about .  .  .


Although God gives repeated opportunities for mankind to repent, the text shows us 3 ways mankind will respond. Practically, Christians today must biblically respond.


This chapter begins with an awesome picture of a messenger from God, a strong and mighty angel. Who is this one and what is the message this angel carries?


Gaining a correct perspective on Bible prophecy requires the student of Scripture to step back and take a wide look. Let's look at three major events in the book of Revelation.


In our lesson today, we will take time to look at the 4th major event of Bible prophecy. Let's look at some of the details of this future event that is not mentioned in the book of Revelation.


The delay is over and the mystery of God is about to be accomplished. What is meant by the word 'mystery' and what is it? We have great anticipation as we wait on God.


The personal experience of John eating the scroll is both sweet and bitter. What does this mean? What other individuals in the Old Testament were told to eat God's word?


As we come to Revelation 11, the writer begins to focus more on individuals and what is happening in the lives of people that affect the sweeping judgments.


God gives two witnesses the power to preach the good news before God's final wrath comes upon this earth and all evil is destroyed. God wants to use our witness as well.


The end of the story for the two witnesses is one of resurrection. Each child of God may persevere because Christ rose which also assures us that we too will be resurrected.


John takes us back to heaven and gives us a glimpse of the end of the story . . he gives us a glimpse of where this is all heading. We will hear some very familiar words from the praise song of the 24 elders.


The temple of God in heaven is opened. What is this temple? We will compare this verse (Revelation 11:19) to Hebrews 8:5 and learn that God's presence is with us.


This is the most important chapter in Revelation to understand. It reveals to us 3 simple truths and undeniable facts: (1) Satan is real, (2) God is victorious, and (3) There is no victory without a battle.


These verses tell us that God will not be defeated. We will see three characters in this important story line of the Bible: good over evil NOT good vs evil.


We will learn there is no victory without a battle. In this battle, we see a great red dragon that has 7 heads, 10 horns, and 7 crowns upon his head. He battles the male child.


This text gives us 3 things we can do to live a life of faith and victory. We are victorious by the word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb.


The battle against the woman and unbelievers will unfold in these verses. What is pictured?  We will learn that God is always there to protect.


In our study, we will look at the first of two beasts mentioned in this chapter. This beast comes out of the sea. Let's look at the three basic .  .  .


We have in this text a lion, a bear and a leopard which is similar to the picture we have in Daniel 7. They represent successive .  .  . 


These verses introduce to us the second beast in this chapter, a beast that comes out of the earth. This is a spiritual leader who rules .  .  .


Throughout this chapter, there are many counterfeits. There is a counterfeit trinity, resurrection, worship, rule, miracles, and mark.


666, that is the number that is contained in this chapter. In Revelation 12 and 13, Satan is allowed to throw his worst at the world but it .  .


As we open this chapter, we see a refreshing picture of a Lamb that gave His life for the sins of the world. I will also .  .  .


In this section we see the Lamb (Jesus) leading 144,000 in an awesome expression of worship. Who are these .  .  .


One angel tells us to worship God; another angel tells us 'Babylon is fallen'. A third angel says, 'Do not worship the beast.' We all face .  .


Revelation 14:12 calls us to patient endurance. We need patient endurance in a world that is falling apart. We need patient endurance in a world where things are not fair.


In this text, we have a third picture about what to do when life is falling apart. Remember, a harvest is coming. Jesus is the harvester and we must trust Him.