These lessons are a verse-by-verse Bible devotional commentary on the book of Revelation. The Revelation of Jesus Christ comes from God the Father; it was given to Jesus Christ who gives it to His angel to show to John to show to the Spirit and then finally to reveal to the churches. Truly, there is more to be learned in this book about Jesus than in the Gospel accounts. It is God's Son, Jesus Christ, the One coming world leader who will ultimately reign and rule upon this earth one day. Get ready to see Jesus .  .  .


In this lesson, I will focus on verse 1 and we will be reminded once again that God is in control. We will see in this first verse a picture of what happens in heaven before the bowls of wrath are poured out.


In these verses, we see those who were victorious over the beast worshiping before God in heaven. We will look the sea of glass, the harps, and those who are singing. What does all of this represent and picture?


In this lesson, there is a song that will be sung by the victorious worshipers because God wants us to understand something here that we previously seen in this book. This is an awesome picture of what God.


A wonderful song. We see here this song all about what God has done. We hear two things in each of the five different areas: God's ways, God's names, God's deeds, God's character and then our response.


Before the judgment begins in Rev 16, we see 7 angels come from the temple, the presence of God, and they are given 7 bowls of wrath. Truly God has a plan that will be accomplished through His power.


In this chapter, we will focus on what happens when these 7 bowls of final judgment are poured out upon the earth. There are 5 specific things that you and I can learn about who God is and how God judges.


We are going to see reflected the same judgments in the book of Exodus that we have here. In this section, we will also learn about the difference between the natural consequences of sin and the final judgment of God.


Human beings will battle against God and His judgments, holiness, and perfection up until the very end. As you read through these verses, the judgment of God is clear as well as the response of others.


This verse reminds us that Jesus is coming again to set everything right. Here Jesus describes His coming as a thief in the night. There are other interesting word pictures Jesus gives in the NT.


In this section we will learn what happens at the end of the 7th judgment. Mankind is still cursing god because he does not understand the judgments of God. Then we see the words "It is done".


This chapter could be placed under the title, 'building your life on that which will really last.' The things and the ways of this world will not last.However, there is an encouragement.


Beginning in this lesson, we are going to look at 5 pictures that are given to us of this place called Babylon . . . 5 ways that you and I can recognize this civilization and culture.


We are looking at what this Babylon is like. Satan is its father, materialism is its focus, its character is immorality, its business is prostitution, and its religion is anti-God.


We have already seen the description of Babylon and now as we get to v 7 and following in this chapter, we get to some of the when and where of Babylon. God has a plan.


There is a second description of the beast in this text. In the end the beast will ruin Babylon. This a sign of two things: (1) Evil is self destructive, and (2) Evil will eventually consume itself.


In Revelation, we get God's perspective on Babylon. We are going to hear four voices that put human history into perspective helping us to see what will last.


God's perspective is that His people are to come out from Babylon and separate themselves. Just as physical Babylon fell (see Jeremiah 51), so will spiritual Babylon.


There are two motivations given in these verses to separate oneself from this world and both of them are in the way of warnings. There are two warnings.


There is a third voice in vv 9-19 and it is the voice of lamentation (a voice of sorrow and grief). There are three groups who lament: Of the kings, of the merchants, and of the sea captains.


God ends this chapter about Babylon with the voice of celebration. Life may appear to be routine but one day God will make all wrongs to be right. Hallelujah!