Messages That Matter

Sermons from Desk of Dr. Mark Wash


by Dr. Mark Wash

5 Ways to Encourage Others

Barnabas, the ideal church member, was always encouraging others. From various texts in the book of Acts, we learn five ways we can all be encouragers.

Spelling Christmas L-O-V-E

If you are looking for something to give, then consider giving love. Giving true biblical love according to 1 Corinthians 13 is what the world needs now.

Mary's Little Lamb

In Bethlehem, there was a sacrificial Lamb who would be born and one day be brought to Jerusalem at Passover in order to be slaughtered. This message examines four truths about this Lamb.

The Sacrifices of Thanksgiving

We need to turn our thanksgiving into thanksliving. In this message, we will consider five spiritual sacrifices that we can continually offer to the Lord throughout the year.