Preaching-Teaching Ministry of Dr. Mark Wash

SERMONS: Various

by Dr. Mark Wash

5 Principles to Apply When Nothing Seems to Make Sense

We learn about the life of Joseph in the first book of the Bible. He was a godly man who loved God. Even with a difficult beginning in life. He teaches us how we can follow God when life does not seem to make sense.

The Most Important Book

The Bible is the most important book you own. So may the words of this book. It is given to you in this life; it will be opened someday at the judgment and remembered forevermore. Amen!

Lessons Learned from the Life of Abraham

In this message, we will consider three different experiences in the life of Abraham, what we can learn from these happenings, and why our lives should be changed because of his experiences.

Prayer for the Battlefield

As a Christian soldier, you put on God-given armor that both protects you from the enemy and empowers you to conquer your greatest obstacles. We're called to walk in victory, and strength, and peace, and love.

Trusting God Through Trials and Triumphs

As we consider God's goodness, we will discover that it affects us in various ways. In this message, we will consider some derivatives from the goodness of God for us to use in our everyday lives.

4 Characteristics of a Heart Poisoned by Bitterness

Bitterness has a dangerous root system that leads to a bitter fruit. Learn the truth about this destructive emotion and gain the victors edge.

Strength to Survive the Storm

In this message, we will consider the real-life trial the disciples faced one day when they were out on the Sea of Galilee. This story offers seven truths or lessons that are pertinent to every "storm" in life that may howl and roar in our lives.

The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian Life

Jesus stands up at the Feast of the Tabernacles and tells the people about Living Water. He is teaching them about the coming of the Holy Spirit who will indwell them after He comletes His earthly ministry and ascends back to the Heavenly Father.

Jesus, the Light of the World

One of the most beautiful word pictures in the Bible is found in John 1. Jesus declares He is the Light of the world. There are five truths about His wonderful glorious life-giving light that we will discover from God's word.

5 Ways to Encourage Others

Barnabas, the ideal church member, was always encouraging others. Every Christian needs to be an encourager. From various texts in the book of Acts, we learn five ways we can all be encouragers.

When the Prayer Pipeline Seems Plugged

Prayer is the believer's communication line to God. In this message, we will discover three biblical reasons why our prayers are sometimes hindered. The message is built around the story of Zacharias and Elizabeth in Luke 1.

The Hardest Lesson to Learn

The message is about David and his victory over himself. Like David, we must recognize kingdom authority, we must respect kingdom authority and we must rest in kingdom authority. David patiently waited on God while Saul pursued him.

God's Word and Government

In this message we will discover the two basic reasons why human government is given to us and then we will learn what we are to do in relation to our government. Every Christian should strive to be a Godly citizen.

Some Golden Daybreak

There is a new day coming and I want you to learn with me three things about that day when the “Sun of righteousness arises with healing in His wings”. Interestingly, this message is taken from the last book in our Old Trstament, the prophecy of Malachi.

How to Have Victory Over Sin in Your Life

God wants for us to have victory over sin in our life. This message is based on 1 Peter 4:1-6. When we understand this text, we biblically discover how to be victorious over the power of sin that seeks to control, corrupt and condemn us.

The Kingdom Authority of the Holy Spirit

We must be mindful to give the Holy Spirit His rightful place in our lives. When we do, then we will have spiritual victory through Jesus Christ who gave us so much more than we have had through Adam.

How To Handle A Crisis

What do you do in times of crisis? In Acts 12, we discover four pointers that will help the child of God when going through a crisis. This text is the story about Peter's miraculous release from prison.

The Final Judgment

There is coming a final judgment when the unsaved dead will be raised from their graves to stand before Almighty God and be judged. Revelation 20 speaks of this dreadful day. Listen now and be challenged, because you don't want to be there.

The Importance of Knowing Your Spiritual Gift

In this message, we will learn what God's word has to say regarding unwrapping/discovering your spiritual gift. Paul gives five principles from Romans 12 and then lists some of the NT gifts.

Defeating Satan's Strongholds in Your Life

Satan can never ever take any ground in your life that you do not give him. After all, Satan is not greater than our Lord. Satan can and must be dislodged from our life. In this message we will look at the things (Ephesians 4:22-32) that Paul says gives place to the devil.

Parable of the Wheat and the Tares

This is a story that Jesus told about a man who planted wheat in a field. An enemy came along while the farmer was asleep and sowed tares. This passage will help us understand why everyone who calls themselves a Christian is not a true believer.

Transforming Peace for Turbulent Times

In this sermon, I am going to give you a guide to understanding how to have the peace of God in your life. This message is based upon the account in Matthew 14 when Jesus came walking to His disciples on the water.

Joseph: A Beautiful Type of Jesus - Part 2

Joseph loved, followed and served God. Joseph in the Old Testament is a beautiful picture (type) of Jesus in the New Testament. Joseph portrays Jesus as the beloved Son, the suffering Servant, the exalted Sovereign, and the seeking Savior.

Joseph: A Beautiful Type of Jesus - Part 2

Joseph's life serves as a portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ. What a confirmation of both the inspiration of the word of God and the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The life of Joseph is a wonderful testimony that God loves His Son so much.

How to Have Fulness of Joy

The shortest verse in the Bible is found in 1 Thessalonians 5:16, “Rejoice Evermore” That's what the Bible says, “Rejoice over and over and over.” I want to talk to you today about how to have fullness of joy. Joy comes from the inside and God wants us to be a joyful people.

5 Minutes After You Die

The most amazing time you will ever spend is the first 5 minutes after you die. This message is based on an historic story that Jesus told in Luke 16. Each person must make the decision to trust Christ and follow Him.

God's Call to Faithfulness

The word faith or faithfulness refers to not only what we believe but how we live and what we do as a result of what we believe. This message is based on the word as it appears in what we often call the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5.