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Dr. Mark Wash


The Bible on Sickness & Healing

Series Message #1: This is the first in a series of messages on the subject of sickness and healing. In today's message, we will consider four sources to explain today's healing phenomenon. Then in the second half, we will look at six foundational facts regarding sin and sickness.

Grace for the Case of Biblical Healing

Series Message #2: God can and does heal. James gives three parts to the process of healing as it involves those who are sick. James 5 is a key text regarding this subject that will gives us four principles that Christians can claim today.

Sometimes God Brings Slow Recovery

Series Message #3 Healing is a matter of time. Wrote the renowned Greek physician, Hippocrates. And the deeper the wound, physically or emotionally, the greater the amount of time we need to heal in light of our instant everything world.