Preaching-Teaching Ministry of Dr. Mark Wash

SERMONS: Encounters with Jesus

Dr. Mark Wash

Jesus and a Trusting Moment

Series Message #9: In John 4:1-30 we meet a Samaritan woman who is a miserable condition. Then she meets her magnificent Savior who knows all about her and loves her. She believes and is saved. Sorry for the poor audio.

Jesus and a Tender Moment

Series Message #8: In John 21:1–19, we see Jesus as He comes face-to-face with the Apostle Peter. Peter finds himself outside of the will of God, but Jesus takes time to handle him with love and forgiveness.

Jesus and the Cross Crowd

Series Message #7: In Luke 23:32-43 we see Jesus as He hung on the cross. John gives us three different viewpoints of the events that occurred on the day Jesus was crucified. Three men died that day on Clavary, but only Jesus died for your sin.

Jesus and a Teaching Moment

Series Message #6: In John 3:1-15 we have one of the most familiar passages in all of the Bible. Here we see the encounter of Jesus with Nicodemus, a very intelligent man of that day. He came to Jesus for answers about religion but was given answers about redemption.

Jesus and a Tearful Father

Series Message #5: In Mark 5:21–43, we have a tearful and tragic scene. This is the story of a prestigious father and his dying 12-year-old daughter. Witness with me the moment Jesus arrives and snatches victory from the jaws of defeat.

Jesus and the Girl who Touched Jesus

Series Message #4: In Mark 5, we see three, humanly speaking, impossible situations. From Mark 5:22–34, we will look at Jesus as He heals a diseased young woman of a blood issue. This woman had suffered much, but she reached out in faith to touch Jesus.

Jesus and the Adulterous Woman

Series Message #3: From John 8:1-11, we see a woman who came into the presence of Jesus as a condemned sinner, but she gloriously left as a changed woman with a new lease on life. This is part 3 in a series of messages on 'The Encounters of Jesus'.

Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler

Series Message #2: This is the second in a new series of messages entitled "Encounters with Jesus". This second message is called "Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler" and is taken from Mark 10:17-22. Unfortunately, this story does not end gloriously, but rather tragically. However, it calls readers to make sure they have truly made the right decision to trust Christ as Savior.

Jesus and the Leper

Series Message #1: This is the first in a new series of messages entitled, "Encounters with Jesus". This first message is called, "Jesus and the Leper" and is taken from Mark 1:40-45. The analogy of leposy to sin will help us to understand in a greater way the price Jesus paid for our sin.