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Make Me Audacious

"And now, Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto Thy servants,

that with all boldness they may speak Thy word.” (Acts 4:29)


A copy of "The Story of Jesus" in the Urdu language was given to two young girls in Pakistan in July 2013. After reading the booklets, the girls excitedly reported to the Christians distributing them that they had trusted in Christ.


In a matter of months, two suicide bombers broke into the grounds of the All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan, on a bright Sunday morning. The Islamists waited until the conclusion of the prayers, when the approximately 500 worshippers started to assemble for a communal supper. When their suicide vests exploded at 11:45, 78 people were killed and 130 more were injured. It was the bloodiest assault on Pakistan's Christian minority in recorded history.


Among those slain in this attack were the two young girls, who had just become Christians.


The Voice of the Martyrs blogsite is where this true story was posted. Christians continue to face serious dangers from persecution and extreme suffering everywhere on the globe. Yet, even in the most perilous and extreme circumstances, they pray to be faithful and courageous for Christ in the midst of persecution rather than for the persecution to end. Is it possible to have such courageous faith in danger that it is always present? Where do these Christians derive their bravery and zeal for the gospel from?


The Holy Spirit, on behalf of Christ, is the only possible answer. Faithful followers of Christ today are praying for boldness, not relief, just as Peter and John did thousands of years ago. How about you? Are you asking God to deliver you from difficult situations or give you the courage to face them head-on so that you might demonstrate His power in the world?


Heavenly Father, I am often timid in my faith. Courage that only Your Spirit can provide is what I need. Help me to speak the truth of Your Word with compassion and conviction by putting my trust in Your power rather than mine. Please enable me to effectively share the gospel. I am grateful for Your unwavering loyalty to my Pakistani brothers and sisters, who set a strong example for us all by standing up bravely for You. In Jesus' name, Amen.