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Devotional readings to encourage and inspire

Lastly, inspiring the people of God is the fourth technique to be a role model. It is imperative that each generation demonstrate to the following that giving up is not an option. We cannot stop seeking the Lord and continuing to .  .  .

The Apostle Paul wrote a letter to his young protégé Timothy, who would eventually become the church's pastor at Ephesus. At just thirty years old, Timothy lacked experience. Paul, however, informs him that even if you don't  .  .  .

Have you ever wondered why, in John 13:34, Jesus refers to the commandment to love one another as a “new command?” For what reason is this new? The disciples were not unfamiliar with the idea of love. The Old Testament  .  .  .

At a wedding in Canaan, Mary, the mother of Jesus, glanced at some servants and said, simply, ‘Do whatever He tells you.’ (see John 2:5). This was a simple, straightforward statement. Ask no questions, have no hesitations—just follow Jesus’ instructions .  .  .