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Devotional readings to encourage and inspire

A man by the name of Saul experienced a miraculous conversion in the country of Syria in 33 A.D. He was the least probable person on earth to follow Christ at the moment. He actually despised, pursued, and .  .  .

There are always risks associated with fully following Christ—the risk of the unknown or of what He will demand. There are instances when there is a risk to one’s own safety or of consistency and comfort. As the author .  .  .

A copy of "The Story of Jesus" in the Urdu language was given to two young girls in Pakistan in July 2013. After reading the booklets, the girls excitedly reported to the Christians distributing them that they had trusted in Christ. .  .  . 

There’s no better sensation in the world than when your heart is filled to the brim with happiness, and you know there is nowhere else you would rather be. On this side of heaven, those times are rare, but for everyone who .  .  .

One can never fully comprehend the majesty of God’s love. It is unfathomable that the universe’s Creator is concerned with the complexities of human existence. He has a name for each star. He is aware of how .  .  .