These lessons are a verse-by-verse Bible devotional commentary on the book of Ephesians. Ephesians is a tremendous book that shows to us the riches of what is ours as a church all because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. As the Apostle Paul is led by the Holy Spirit to write this six chapter epistle, he is writing to a church that had a major impact on his ministry. There is strong teaching and then it is applied, so let's get ready to learn .  .  .


This is the beginning of a brand new study in the book of Ephesians. In this lesson, Paul arrives at Ephesus. We cover some introductory material that explains the book.


Every Christian is rich in Christ Jesus and has been blessed. In this second study, we begin to look at seven blessings which God has built into our lives and are ours in Christ.


We are spiritually rich in Christ Jesus. God's riches come based on our faith and trust in Him. Let's look at some of the wonderful  blessings God has built into our lives.


This lesson continues with the blessings that are ours because of Christ. The trinity is behind these blessings. Here are two pictures of the work of the Holy Spirit.


The eyes of my heart set the direction of my life. Prayer should always help me to see who I am in Christ. These verses help us to evaluate and improve our vision.


According to Ephesians 2:1-3, our spiritual life history is that we are spiritually dead without Christ. Paul explains two things that we follow to our spiritual death.


This second lesson in Ephesians 2 covers verses 4-7. In this study we will discover how we have been made alive with Christ, raised with Christ and seated with Christ.


Discover the place for our works when it comes to our relationship with God. When the child of God understands this, then he can get a grip on who he is in Christ.


There are two groups of people, the Jew and the Gentile, who need God. God has accomplished peace through His Son Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross.


There are three pictures of the church in 2:18-22 and they all include the theme of unity. This will help us understand our spiritual life history.


This chapter is all about serving and the significance of serving. In this chapter, we learn how Paul sees himself as God's servant, a man who never lost sight of his mission.


Paul saw himself as a manager (someone given responsibility to oversee something that belongs to someone else) of the mystery of God's grace.


In Ephesians 3:7-13 Paul talks about being a servant of Jesus Christ. He lists three tools and four spheres of influence where grace makes an impact.


This lesson will help the believer to get to the place of confidence and freedom in his relationship with God. It comes by prayer (man's part) and power (God's part).


Spiritual power comes from grasping how much God loves us and then giving Him glory. All glory truly belongs to our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus!


A key to spiritual growth involves being around other believers in Christ and learning from them and walking with them. This produces church unity.


God has a plan for unity and diversity within the church. The diversity includes leaders with God-given gifts that are to prepare us for works of service.


The great church is the church that decides to use their spiritual gifts to serve one another, so that the body of Christ may be built up together.


Paul shows how believers should be different from unbelievers. He lists a 3-step process for spiritual growth. This lesson will challenge you to live for Christ.


This lesson teaches us how the renewed mind operates. A renewed mind comes from God's truth in our life and is important so as not to buy Satan's lies.


This study is about removing purity from society. Paul encourages us to live a life of love and holiness. There are two things keeping us from purity.


How do we live as a child of light? We must always remember the answer is not our light shinning but rather the fact that God is light!


Where do we find the strength and the power to live a live of love, holiness and light? We must walk carefully and think about what we are doing. 


Paul cites a third evidence of being filled with the Spirit and it is to be found in our submitting. The motive is unselfishness and the object is one another.


In these verses, Paul talks about how unselfishness works in a marriage. Marital love is an expression of Christ's love for the church. 


In this passage, Paul gives instruction about the mutual responsibility of submitting when it comes to the parent-child relationship. How are children to respond?


Ephesians 6:4 shows us how the parent is to act toward the child. There are two instructions given: one is a thing to do while the other is a thing not to do.


Paul gives six simple secrets that will increase your enjoyment at work regardless of your job. Then he talks about the boss. Note: These verses do not condone slavery.


Paul is showing us how to have spiritual victory in our life while he is chained to a Roman soldier. In this lesson, we will look at six important pieces of armor.


Paul teaches us how to revolutionize our prayer life. Then as Paul talks about prayer, he asks us to pray for him. This is our concluding study in Ephesians.