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Psalms is the worship book of the Bible. Read a selection each day and finish in 12 months.

Chronological Bible Reading Challenge

Israel in the Wilderness


Summary Part 6

     The challenge is to read through the Bible in chronological order during 2023. To help facilitate our readings and enhance learning and discussion, we are making available brief overviews that will aid one in their reading journey.

     This was not meant to be a full and complete exposition of Scripture. The idea was to have one per week that approximated something in the readings for that week. These might help in weekly devotions as one uses the guide on the right. Miss a week? Click the 'Archive' button.



Reading Plan for February 5-11, 2023

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February 5th

 February 6th

 February 7th


February 8th


 February 9th


February 10th


February 11th


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